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I help businesses create structure and organization through leadership development, coaching and onboarding implementation techniques. I strive to help owners understand the importance of increasing moral, having employees who feel valued in their workplace and building winning teams

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Why MG Coaching & Consulting?

Learn more about Matthew's Experience and why you need him to help you and your organization succeed.


Each of these offerings are geared towards helping you growing your business with piece of mind.

Multiethnic Business People in Meeting

Business Consulting

Authentic people live fulfilling lives and develop deep, meaningful relationships. Learn how to do this through business consulting.

Leadership & Professional Development

Leadership Development

Throughout this, you'll learn step-by-step how to design and build the winning team you have always wanted.

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Employee Onboarding

Our training combines live and on-demand instruction delivered from the comfort of your own home.

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Coaching & Development

This training helps you as the manager or employee understand the important of SMART Goals. Providing you a sense of direction.

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Morning Motivation with Matthew

Morning Motivation with Matthew is an outlet for me to share my heart. On this podcast you will hear practical applications on learning how to remain motivated all while hearing lessons from the bible.

Matthew is committed to development. The development of mind, body and soul. Here you will learn more about him as well as many guest who share there personal stories on how they remained motivated even in the darkest of times. Throughout it you will learn something about yourself through self-discovery and being to unlock all the promises God has in store for you.

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my story

I have years of experience.

I can help you increase moral.

I have worked in leadership for over 15 years. Starting off in retail management at a young age, I assumed the role with dignity and pride. Being the youngest employee for the company, I rose to the challenge, not for me but for those who looked to me as a leader. There were many hardships that came but I set expectations and lead my team to achieving success, something the retail store had not done in years.

I assumed my initial taste of leadership would be the end, I soon realized it was just the beginning. From company to company those who watched me saw something I did not. I assumed I was doing it for the money, in the end it was to create a environment where those who worked under my leadership could feel valued and appreciated.

Outside of my personal experiences, I hold a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Management. I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and work in Human Resources with an emphasis in Learning & Development. In this role I create new employee onboarding and increased skill development.

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